Young arts see the picture

Three schools in the New Forest have had a fantastic opportunity to work with Iain Green the Wildlife photographer.  They spent a day in may studying the grounds in their respective schools looking for wildlife – insects, plants etc to photograph. The aim was not only to improve their photography skills , but also to encourage them to look. To look at the world around them and and see the amazing things that are so near to them. Iain began by showing the pupils photographs he had taken over the year – including a huge , awe inspiring tiger in India. The children then grouped in 3s and 4s and each group was given a camera. Their enthusiasm and interest was excellent and to see them searching and hearing their cries as they found something interesting to photograph was really impressive.

The second day in June they’re even more enthusiastic as they knew more what they were doing and on this sunny day their discoveries and resulting photographs were quite exceptional.

Being part of these two days and seeing the pupils’ pleasure and enthusiasm showed just how important and valuable this element of the work of The Arts Society can be.


Below you can see some of the fantastic photos taken by the pupils