The Arts Society – New Forest

Welcome to The Arts Society New Forest.  As a society we are interested in furthering our knowledge of the fine arts.  We meet on a regular basis to enjoy lectures on a range of topics, delivered by renowned speakers.  Our interests are extended further when we study subjects in greater depth and go out on day visits and breaks away, both in Britain and abroad.

An important aspect of our society is our aim to offer the opportunity, within an artistic framework, to young people from the local community to explore and extend their personal knowledge.  Conservation of heritage is important to us too. A group of our members regularly meet to record for posterity, the fabric and artefacts of local places of worship.

Our society is a local branch of The Arts Society , an international charitable organization.

Ideas and suggestions for virtual and real tours of exhibitions, lectures and cultural activities during the corona virus restrictions are on the Page entitled ‘NEWS’ These also include work from the Royal Ballet, the Royal Opera House and the Met in New York. They are regularly updated and open the door to so many wonderful experiences !

If you have any ideas or suggestions please email them to :


TASNF Newsletter (13) March 2021

Dear Members,
The AGM will take place, via Zoom, on 12th April at 10.15 am followed by our lecture: “Everything is Art, Everything is Politics” – Ai Wei Wei by Frank Woodgate, at the usual time of 10.30 am.

The Zoom link will be sent out to members via email, the day before. (If you have not zoomed before, do let us know if you need any help, beforehand).

Voting: all members have received a copy of the AGM report and voting form, online and postal.  They are also on our website:                  If you are going to attend the meeting you will be able to cast your vote on the day (NB the earlier start time) if not, your votes can be sent in the post or via email to by April 11th, please.

We have found that the online voting form is not the easiest to use!                    One way to vote is: Press the link for the ‘Voting Notification’ form on the email/website, click on ‘enable editing’ add your cross/es and SAVE to your documents. Then email to

Another way is to look at the motions:                                                                           1. Approve last year’s minutes.
2. Approve the accounts.
3. Approve re-appointment of Sue Garrod as Examiner of Accounts.
4. Approve election/re-election of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.
5. Approve election/re-election of committee members.

Then send an email to with either ‘Approve all’ or put down the number of the motion with ‘Approve’, ‘Disapprove’ or ‘Abstain’ beside the number – for example: 1. Approve, 2. Abstain, etc.                                           Any problems do please contact Sue Randall, on 01590 622731.

If you have any questions re: the AGM report and you can’t attend the meeting, please contact me on 02380 811657 and I will raise the question, on your behalf, at the AGM.

It has nearly been a whole year since we went into lockdown. On behalf of the committee and me, many thanks to you, our members, for your support and encouragement during this challenging year, which have been much appreciated.
Diana Heatly                                                                                                          Chairman



Forty Ninth Annual General Meeting to be held on Monday April 12th, 2021 at 10.15 am on Zoom AGENDA

Welcome to the 49th Annual General Meeting of The Arts Society New Forest





5 ADOPTION OF THE AUDITED ACCOUNTS Proposer: Penny Witherick Seconder: Mike Matthews

6 ELECTION OF THE OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE The following nominations have been received: Chairman Diana Heatly Proposed by Pat Godwin Seconded by Judy Martin Treasurer Helen Bedford Proposed by Jackie Alcock Seconded by Jenny Peckham Secretary Sue Randall Proposed by Sarah Nield Seconded by Jane Pitts Re-election to Committee: Gillian Baldwick, Ruth Conway, Fiona Dinn, Janet Handley, Jill Meakin, Diana Stewart, Naila Webb. Proposed by Richenda Viqueira Seconded by Faith Joliffe Election of new Committee member: Inka Butler Proposed by Jill Meakin Seconded by Naila Webb

7. APPOINTMENT OF AUDITOR: Sue Garrod Proposed by Jenny Simpson Seconded by Mike Clarke


THE ARTS SOCIETY NEW FOREST (Member Society of THE ARTS SOCIETY) Forty Eighth Annual General Meeting to be held on Monday July 27th , 2020

The 48th Annual General Meeting had to be postponed due to restrictions imposed by the Government due to the Coronavirus. T

he committee decided to hold the AGM online and via a postal vote on July 27th, 2020. The AGM report was circulated to all members and members invited to vote on the following motions. (This section is in lieu of the Minutes of the Forty Eighth Annual General Meeting). Results of the Motions from last year’s Minutes. ‘Approve all’ :75. One member ‘approved’ items ‘3&4’ and ‘abstained’ from items ‘1&2’.

i) The Audited accounts were adopted.

ii) Elected Officers: Chairman: Diana Heatly Treasurer: Helen Bedford Secretary: Sue Randall Re-election to Committee: Gillian Baldwick, Ruth Conway, Fiona Dinn, Sue Randall, Diana Stewart, Rose Tainsh. Election of new Committee members: Naila Webb, Jill Meakin, Janet Handley.

iii) Appointment of Auditor: Sue Garrod

The Arts Society New Forest Chairman’s Report – April 2021

I had the privilege of being appointed as chairman of TASNF last summer. Thanks to the emergence of Coronavirus, Sue Balfour (outgoing chair) and I had an intriguing transition process. I should like to express my thanks again on behalf of the committee and all our members to Sue, because we did not have the opportunity to thank her properly for all she has contributed to our society during her tenure.

Due to the virus we had to cancel our April, May and June lectures in Brockenhurst Village Hall including our AGM. The Arts Society and our innovative CEO, Dr. Florian Schweizer, managed to come up with some solutions, which meant we were able to proceed with our AGM in July using online and postal votes.

These were challenging times, and it was reassuring to know that we had the advice of our President Penelope Chitty and our Vice President Mary Booth with their wide experience to call on at any time.

Sue Balfour was pro-active in the process of setting up Zoom and with her help a Zoom Subcommittee was set up. Alister Hutchin kindly offered to act as our host. The Arts Society provided training and a licence for us to enable our members to watch our scheduled lectures from September on Zoom.

The Arts Society also provided a Connected website, monthly online bulletins and managed to send out our magazines.

TASNF have been sending out a monthly newsletter to every member via email or Royal Mail. A major concern was keeping in touch with members who were not online users and members of the committee phoned them in person, in October and January.

Our October coffee morning for new members was held via Zoom. This was our opportunity for new members to meet our committee including our Vice Chairman, Naila Webb, who has provided invaluable support as we try to second guess the Covid impact on our society.

Some members of the committee have been kept busy, Diana Stewart our Lecture Secretary has been planning our lectures for 2022, Sue Randall has been working on our first Zoom Special Interest Day in February, Gill Baldwick has been updating our membership list and preparing for our subscription renewal, very time consuming. Rose Tainsh has been producing a most informative weekly email giving suggestions for arts-related home viewing available online, which has been much appreciated. Fiona Dinn, our Hall Manager has been liaising with Brockenhurst Village Hall, who have been extremely helpful over the cancellations and keeping our slot in their timetable for when we return. Helen Bedford, Treasurer, has been doing an excellent job managing our accounts, which I learned about as we went through them together, my first time. She has had to cope with all the changes thrown up by Covid. Thanks also to our Auditor Sue Garrod. All this within the limitations of lockdown! Sue Randall, our Secretary has been busy taking minutes for our committee meetings and keeping the committee informed about our meetings on Zoom.

Another project is the pending website re-design led by Ruth Conway. Our current website designer David Benham is retiring, he has done an excellent job and will be missed. This provides us with an opportunity to revisit our needs for and find another website manager. If any of our members have IT experience and would like to offer their assistance with IT issues, it would be much appreciated.

It has been a quieter year for our Visits Secretaries Rose Tainsh and Janet Handley, as they have had to adapt to the pressures of Covid, cancelling and rescheduling. The planned 4 day visit to Stratford which had to be postponed in 2020 is now scheduled for 15th – 18th September 2021. The planned 5day/4night trip to Bologna, Palma and Ravenna had to be cancelled in April 2020. Janet Handley is currently obtaining quotations for a trip to Lisbon in the latter part of April 2022, being the first opportunity when we are more confident of safe, overseas travel which does not conflict with our Stratford trip in Autumn 2021. It has been a quieter year also for Jill Meakin our Committee member without portfolio, for Margaret Porteus, who oversees the rota providing refreshments before our monthly meeting and for Penny Witherick who looks after our rota for the wonderful floral displays provided during each lecture in the Hall (we look forward to the time when this can happen again), also for our projectionists, Bob Rich and the team of Alister Hutchin and Nigel Lang, who have been supportive with the setting up of Zoom.

This has been a time of coming together of Societies as we try to find a way through this pandemic to support our members as best, we can. Ali Green, Chairman of Hampshire and Isle of Wight and her team have been a great help through this time. They were able to run the annual November study course (on Zoom), with the help of Penny Witherick. There was an illuminating session on Recruitment and Retention of Committee members, running alongside The Arts Society project on Recruitment and Retention, another challenge in these Covid times.

Finally, I would like to thank you, our loyal members for sticking with us through these extraordinary times; your presence and generous support is what this is all about.

Diana Heatly

Treasurers Report 2021

TASNF AGM Notification re: Voting
All members will receive an AGM report either via email or through the post. The AGM will be held on 12th April 2021 on Zoom. Due to the Covid circumstances you are invited to vote in one of three ways using the form :
a) Download the voting form below and either post it to Diana Heatley or e mail it
b) Postal vote : members who do not have email will be sent a form in the post, please vote and return in enclosed stamped addressed envelope.
c) Using the poll at the Zoomed AGM meeting.
For those of you using option a) and b) please return your votes by April 11th. Your vote would be much appreciated as we require a quorum.
If you have any queries, please contact Sue Randall our Secretary: or telephone: 01590 622731