The Arts Society – New Forest

Welcome to The Arts Society New Forest.  As a society we are interested in furthering our knowledge of the fine arts.  We meet on a regular basis to enjoy lectures on a range of topics, delivered by renowned speakers.  Our interests are extended further when we study subjects in greater depth and go out on day visits and breaks away, both in Britain and abroad.

An important aspect of our society is our aim to offer the opportunity, within an artistic framework, to young people from the local community to explore and extend their personal knowledge.  Conservation of heritage is important to us too. A group of our members regularly meet to record for posterity, the fabric and artefacts of local places of worship.

Our society is a local branch of The Arts Society , an international charitable organization.

Ideas and suggestions for virtual and real tours of exhibitions, lectures and cultural activities during the corona virus restrictions are on the Page entitled ‘NEWS’ These also include work from the Royal Ballet, the Royal Opera House and the Met in New York. They are regularly updated and open the door to so many wonderful experiences !

If you have any ideas or suggestions please email them to :



Dear members, my apologies, I did not include Sue Randall’s (Special Interest Day Secretary) email address on the poster!  All applications should go to her. Here are the details again.

Many thanks, Diana Heatly 



The Last Supper in Pompeii

The first lecture will be 10.30 to 11.30am and the second lecture 12.45 to 1.45pm.

Sue’s email:

The cost of this special interest day will be £12.50, payable by cheque, made payable to The Arts Society New Forest and sent to:

Sue Randall

Bracken Lodge, Butts Paddock,

Meerut Road

Brockenhurst SO42 7TD

Please RSVP with cheque by 25th January to ensure the day goes ahead.