Penelope Chitty



                                                             An Introduction To Our New President 


 Penelope Chitty – Her Time with NADFAS  

1972.        New Forest Decorative and Fine Arts Society founded by Patricia Hallet

1974.        Penelope joined -New Forest DFAS

1975.        Penelope joined the committee

1976-7.     Penelope became Vice- Chairman and Church Recorder

1978-82.   Penelope became Chairman of New Forest DFAS

1980-82.   First Area Representative for the Wessex Area

1982.         Elected to the Executive Committee of NADFAS

1983.         Chairman of Areas sub-committee

1984-5.     Vice Chairman of NADFAS and became a guide in the private rooms of the  

                  Royal Academy            

1985.       Deputised for the National Chairman in May and June

1986-8.    Penelope became National Chairman of NADFAS

During her time as Chair of New Forest DFAS a small committee raised £7000 for the publication of a colour and black and white catalogue for Southampton Art Gallery. In 1981 it was decided to elect an area representative and Penelope was elected as the first Area representative for Wessex.

In 1987 Patricia Hallett launched her card game of the arts – consisting of 52 cards with 26 different paintings and the aim was to collect matching pairs. 

1977-2010.  Penelope was leader of New Forest Church Recorders

1989-1996.   She was Area rep. for Hampshire Church Recorders

Penelope’s Time as National Chairman

Although she did not officially take over the role until April 1986, Penelope had to deputise for Judy Waples in May and June 1985

May 8th.       Attended a NADFAS Tours Fundraiser at the Goldsmiths’ Hall -Fusing Forces

                     A fashion Show with Jean Muir

June 8th       West Wycombe’s 10th Anniversary Dinner at Phyllis Court, Henley 

June 9th.      Nottingham’s 10th Anniversary Supper at Newstead Abbey

June 14th     Patricia Fay Memorial Dinner at the House of Commons.

June 27th      Elizabethan Occasion at Lambeth Palace


Resume of Penelope’s  2 years as National Chairman

Penelope’s job was to chair the two Council meetings and the AGM, the Annual Directory of Lecturers meeting and  the lecturer selection sessions.

During her time as Chair there were 25 new societies set up and Penelope attended the inauguration of all of these. She also attended Area days and Special Days; one of these was at Biddulph Grange after the restoration of the amazing gardens ,where coincidentally her great grandfather had lived! She also attended the Painswick Rococco Gardens restoration.

Penelope also attended a variety of National Celebrations and NADFAS’s 20th anniversary at Christie’s with the Duchess of Gloucester. In fact Penelope attended 18 celebrations of 20th, 15th, 10th and 5th anniversaries with receptions, dinners and lectures.

She also attended several private views of exhibitions – the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, the Clore Gallery at the Tate, showing the complete Turner collection and the Francis Hayman Exhibition at Kenwood House and at all of these she was asked to make a speech. 

A busy lady indeed.