Exhibition review

MK Gallery: Milton Keynes

Laura Knight: A Panoramic View

Visited by Bill and Pam Johnson 29 October 2021

An excellent exhibition of over 160 works from public and private collections including her most famous works. This exhibition is the largest of Dame Laura Knight in over fifty years. Her paintings include figures from the world of ballet, circus and theatre, portraits of people’s lives, marginalised communities and racial segregation in America. As an official war artist in the Second World War her painting compositions are unique. The exhibition is open daily except Mondays until Sunday 20 February 2022. More information on page 63 of the latest Arts Society magazine and the Gallery’s website. The café’s offerings are delicious.


Compton Verney: Art Gallery and Park near Stratford-upon-Avon

Two exhibitions for the price of one!

Visited by Bill and Pam 30 October 2021.


1. John Nash: The Landscape of Love and Solace

A major exhibition of John Nash’s work in over fifty years includes iconic oil paintings, accomplished wood engravings, line drawings, lithographs and watercolours. Nash was also one of the 20th century greatest botanical artists. He was also an official war artist in both the First and Second World Wars and his iconic painting “Over the Top, 1918” is on display along with his thanksgiving to survival “The Cornfield, 1918”.

2. Grinling Gibbons: Centuries in the Making

This extensive exhibition is a tercentenary celebration of Grinling Gibbons (died 1721) and his work as the most renowned British woodcarver of the 17th century and arguably the greatest carver in British history. A superb exhibition, “Centuries in the Making”, explores the influences that shaped Gibbon’s vision, his skills and techniques. This exhibition is also open daily except Mondays until Sunday 20 February 2022.

Book online for a Saturday or Sunday. There is a superb café offering cakes and hot meals.