TASNF Graduated Return to Brockenhurst Village Hall on 11th of October 2021

Dear Members,
I am happy to report that the practice session in the Hall on September 13th (projecting the Zoomed lecture onto the screen), was successful.

Alexandra Epps has asked to Zoom her lecture ‘Inspiration-Artists and their Muses’, into people’s homes, she will not be at the Hall.

The Committee is delighted to be able to invite Members to watch the PROJECTED Zoomed lecture in Brockenhurst Village Hall.

If you would like to attend, please either email membershipnf@outlook.com  or notify the Membership Secretary, no later than September 30th, so that we have an idea of numbers. No visitors to this lecture, please.

Arrival time:
Members are invited to arrive at 10.15am.

There will be no refreshments, this time, but do feel free to bring your own.

Masks and Registration:
Please wear a mask when entering the Hall and register at one of the two desks, manned by four committee members. The Hall will be operating a ‘Test and Trace’ system.  Then go directly to your seat. The Hall are happy for you to remove your mask, once you are sitting downbut please use your mask when moving around and visiting the toilets.

When you sit down, feel free to choose where you sit, who you sit with, or whether you wish to maintain social distancing by leaving an empty chair between you and your neighbour. (We would ask you to respect other Members’ choices).

The doors and windows will be open.  Wrap up warmly.

The November lecture is ‘Caravaggio: The Master of Light and Sound’ by Shirley Smith.  She will be using Zoom.

If you have any questions, please do contact anyone on the committee.

Best wishes on behalf of the Committee,
Diana Heatly, Chairman

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